The EWT Wind Turbine

Emergya Wind Technologies or EWT is a Netherland based company with offices in America, Europe and Asia.  It is the leading medium scale direct-drive wind turbine manufacturer, and an innovator committed to providing reliable solutions in distributed generation. 

The turbines are specifically designed for operating in all types of wind conditions and are known for their outstanding performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

The direct drive turbines do not have a gearbox, so mechanical noise is significantly reduced. Together with the optimised profile of the turbine blades which reduces aerodynamic noise, this makes the EWT turbines ideal for locations with strict noise restrictions.

With no gearbox, the turbines have fewer rotating components than a standard turbine. They also feature a single main bearing, which supports the rotor assembly and generator, further reducing the number of moving parts and delivering significant reductions in maintenance and repair costs.

The DIRECTWIND 58 model was chosen for the Great Whale River Wind Park.  It is a 58-metre pitch-controlled, variable speed wind turbine, designed to deliver higher annual energy outputs in medium wind speed (class IIA) sites than any similarly rated turbine.

A Cold Climate package is included to operate the turbines in temperatures down to -40°C. The package includes modifications to structural steel components, an additional heating system and modifications to turbine controls.

EWT has installed their turbines in very harsh and cold environments, such as in Alaska, as shown in the picture below.


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