Terms of Reference

The Regional Administrator determined, after consultation with the Evaluating Committee (COMEV), to subject the WKHPPP to the social and environmental impacts assessment and review procedure. A directive was then issued to detail the Terms of Reference of the impact study. This directive outlines the nature and scope of the impact study that KWREC must undertake.

The Directive contains requirements to the following topics :

  • Presentation of the proponent
  • Objectives and justification of the project
  • Descriptions  of the project components
  • Public participation
  • Main expected impacts
  • Greenhouse gas emissions


Transmission of Directive – Whapmagoostui Kuujjuaraapik Hybrid Power Plant Project

LETTER 28-10-20 Transmission of Directive_WKHPPP

Whapmagoostui Kuujjuaraapik Hybrid Power Plant Project
Transmission of the directive of the impact study

Hybrid Power Plant ProjectDirec_1083254663