Project Description

The Whapmagoostui- Kuujjuaraapik Hybrid Power Plant Project (WKHPPP) proposes to add wind energy to the diesel plant powering the dual community of Whapmagoostui and Kuujjuaraapik.  This project aims to decrease significantly the use of fossil fuel for electricity generation and be used as an example for all remote communities powered by diesel fuel.

KWREC, the newly formed Inuit/Cree energy corporation will work with Hydro Quebec Distribution, the owner of the diesel power plant and sole distributor of electricity in Quebec, to integrate the wind turbines to respond to electricity demand of the community.  The project will also use a battery system to store excess electricity during times of over production and release it during low wind production.  The installation and operation of the new wind project, battery system and auxiliary control equipment will provide green power and create local jobs.

The project originally identified three potentials sites for best wind energy production and less impact on the environment. (See figure 1). 

Early consultation with hunters, to be validated with a final consultation with the communities, raised some issues about site T1, so only sites T2 and T3 were retained.