Our Values

SHARING: As indigenous nations (Cree and Inuit) with land-based cultures and way of life, we value the need to share our resources and land-based traditional knowledge and wisdom on protecting the environment to ensure our prosperity and survival.


RESPECT: As respect is one of our important cultural values, we respect and value cultural diversity in our planning for the future and in the workplace.


DEDICATION: Driven by a common vision, we are committed and motivated to work together to ensure sustainable and brighter future for our current generations and those yet to come.


TEAM SPIRIT: Driven by a common goal, we support and value each other’s dedication, commitment, achievements, and work.


INTEGRITY: Integrity is a foundation of our actions that reinforces our position as trusted partners with stakeholders, decision makers, and the community.


ACHIEVEMENT: Motivated by our objectives, we take great pride in meaningful results and aim for achievements of highest form.


DYNAMISM: We are versatile, energetic, with skilled professionals promoting vitality and enthusiasm in our work.