Ikayu Energy

Remote communities across Nunavik are dependent on fossil fuels for their energy and heating needs. This means high costs for importing fuel, like diesel, as well as constant pollution to fragile Arctic ecosystems. Renewable energy solutions that harness the power of the wind and sun offer an opportunity for communities to become energy independent and reduce fossil fuel burning in the Arctic. 

Ikayu Energy was specially created to help communities develop, build, and own their own clean energy projects. It is a joint venture established in 2019 between the Nunavik Landholding Corporations Association (NLHCA), through Ikayu Development Inc, and Tugliq Energy Co.

Ikayu Development Inc. is a corporation owned 100% by the NLHCA, created to support economic development in Nunavik communities through each landholding corporation. While NLHCA focuses of the representation of landholding corporations’ interests at a political level, Ikayu Development concentrates on providing tools and support to projects initiated and carried out by Inuit community landowners. 

Tugliq Energy Co specializes in renewable energy and microgrid projects to displace fossil fuel. Tugliq has been operating projects in the Canadian Arctic since 2015, including the Raglan I and Raglan II projects that displace over 4 million litres of diesel each year.

Ikayu Development and Tugliq worked closely for two years to find paths forward for community clean energy solutions. Ikayu Energy was then created to focus specifically on achieving these clean energy goals and to ensure that each landholding corporation has the lead on green energy projects in their community.