Employment & Training

The operation and maintenance activities of the Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuaraapik Hybrid Power project (WKHPP) are planned to be carried out by IKAYU Energy, a joint venture between the Nunavik Landholding Corporations Association and TUGLIQ Energy, a specialized wind operation company who has experience of these activities in northern environments.  One of the goals of the project is to work with local Inuits and Crees to reduce service costs and encourage young persons to take an interest in clean energy projects by allowing them to be participants in this project.

KWREC will therefore support the training of local persons who will second the technicians during the installation and operation of the wind turbines. These assistants will be selected from promising Inuits and Crees high school graduates by the project directors and by communities’ elders.

The training will be offered by NERGICA, a renewable energy research and training center in Gaspé, Quebec.  It will be given in three phases: The first phase will be in the fall of 2021, in Gaspé, and will be given to between 10 to 20 participants to raise awareness and interest on various renewable energies that can be used in the North.  The second phase will be given in the winter of 2022 to successful participants and will consist of basic training blocks in terms of health and safety at work, concepts of electricity and mechanic applied to wind turbines. The third phase will be provided during construction of the wind turbines in 2022 and 2023 to reinforce the concepts learned. This phase also includes specific training blocks in working at height and in confined spaces in different locations.

The complete training will facilitate access to a full electromechanical technician curriculum offered in the province to become certified technicians in operation and maintenance of wind turbines (three-year course).